• Magic moments of happiness

    Magic moments of happiness

  • When every second counts

    When every second counts

  • Jesper Bank

    Choosing the right Sails
    is where your journey starts

  • Choosing the right sail

    Choosing the right sail
    is where your journey starts

  • When every moment counts

    When every moment counts

  • Treasuring the Moment

    Treasuring the Moment

  • Moments of Glory

    Moments of Glory

  • Racing in the moment

    Racing in the moment

  • Where does your dreams take you

    Where do your dreams take you?

When every story counts

When every opinion counts


Jesper Bank

Commercial Director at Elvstrøm Sails
and double Olympic Gold Winner

"Choosing the right sail is where your journey starts!
The starting point is your boat and your sailing preferences"


Magnus Rassy

CEO Hallberg-Rassy
and active sailor

"Throughout the past 25 years Hallberg-Rassy has had
a close co-operation with Elvstrøm Sails"