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    It´s Friday, the sun is shining! You want to take life easy, enjoy
    some relaxed time on the water with good friends and your family.
    Without having to worry too much about trimming and sail handling.
    ALISIO is your sail long-lasting wardrobe for simple living and
    hygge. Designed with comfort and ease of use in view.

Different layouts

  • X-CUT
  • EPEX
  • X-CUT
    A cross-cut sail (x-cut) consists of a number of horizontal panels parallel to each other and perpendicular to the leech. This is a very cost-effective way of producing a sail, making it affordable and long-lasting. Being the first sail-design on the market, the x-cut sail has a long and proven track-record.
    Cross-cut sails are typically made from a woven polyester cloth with straight fill yarns that are stronger than the warp yarns. The strong fill yarns are aligned with the load bearing direction of the sail resulting in a very durable sail.
    Trioptimal layout is also referred to as radial, since the panels are radial typically oriented towards the corners of the sail resulting in a triangular shape. This layout distributes the forces the sail is exposed to optimally and helps maintain the shape of the sail. The panels that make up the radial layout are carefully arranged to follow the load pattern, ensuring a strong and stable sail.
    Upwind sails in a trioptimal layout are typically made from a laminate cloth, that is a sandwich cloth constructed of more layers. However, you will find a few trioptimal designs in a woven polyester cloth, and most nylon downwind sails are designed in a trioptimal cut.
  • EPEX
    The unique and patented EPEX membrane technology is the flagship of Elvstrøm Sails. A 100 % custom design where every single yarn is placed according to a load path design, computer calculated to the individual sailing preference. This enables the absolute optimal distribution of fibers over the entire sail resulting in an outstanding shape stability and performance.
    A broad range of materials and fibers are available to meet every need. The components are bonded under extreme and constant vacuum that evacuates all air, holds the membrane in place, and compresses the membrane components.

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Conventional Main Sail - Woven Polyester, Cruising Dacron

This mainsail is made from a tightly woven polyester cloth, providing a long-lasting sail which provides many years of good service. The classic cross-cut construction is a widely used design producing sails at competitive prices. The horizontal full battens help keep the shape, and when lowering the sail, it practically packs itself in to the lazy jack or zippack. The sail is delivered in a sail bag thus easy to store and transport.

The woven polyester used for our ALISIO segment is a durable and economical fabric ideal for recreational cruising.


Performance - Durability - Price

Performance, durability and price indicators are illustrated for each material combination on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest.


Other Mainsails

If the above product example is not what you are looking for, check out all the other mainsails in this layout in our ALISIO segment.

  • Conventional Main - short battens

  • Conventional Main - full battens

  • In-Mast Furling Main - no battens

  • In-Mast Furling Main - short battens

  • EMS Main


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