• Magic moments of happiness

    Magic moments of happiness

  • When every second counts

    When every second counts

  • Jesper Bank

    Choosing the right Sails
    is where your journey starts

  • Choosing the right sail

    Choosing the right sail
    is where your journey starts

  • When every moment counts

    When every moment counts

  • Treasuring the Moment

    Treasuring the Moment

  • Moments of Glory

    Moments of Glory

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    Racing in the moment

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    Where do your dreams take you?

When every story counts

Elvstrøm Sails UK

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Two new UK Agents

We are delighted to announce two new UK Dealers joining our expanding network.  Downer Sails in Dun Laoghaire have been manufacturing and repairing sails for over 55 years, and are expanding their portfolio through now offering top end Elvstrom Sails for cruising and racing. Boatwork Ltd, based in Chesterfield, was established in 2012 to assist owners, boatyards and water sport centres with management, maintenance and repair, and specialise in taking their services to the client.  Being able to offer new sails is a logical extension to their rigging and deck services.

Wise up to our Winter Sail Servicing

Elvstrom’s professional winter sail service will prolong the life of your sails.  Plus, it will get you afloat faster next season, and avoid missing valuable sailing hours.

Your sails are your next most important asset after your hull - but too often we forget those sails packed away in their bags, whilst worrying about fairing and anti-foul.

A good sail service is important to check for essential repairs and for damage prevention.  There’s nothing more true than catching that ‘stitch in time’ to ensure you avoid any mid-season issues float next year!  

Sail repairs and sail servicing at Elvstrom UKOur winterisation sail services include:

•    Full inspection and repairs
•    Alterations and replacement UV strips etc
•    Laundering and sail storage
•    Sail removal and home pick up service available.
•    Silicone coating for spinnakers
•    Repairs and re-proofing of sprayhoods and covers

Elvstrom’s highly experienced sail makers start each sail service with a thorough inspection.  Checks include batten pockets, sliders and slugs, bolt ropes, webbings, and reinforcement panels broken or pulled stitching, as well as holes or signs of abrasion.  We can replace windows, luff and leach tapes, leach lines and tell-tales too. If you have time, bring your sails into our busy Loft and check them over with our skilled Staff.

Washing your sails is advisable to remove harmful salt crystals, stains and other pollutants that can enhance degradation if left unclean, and prevent discolouration. If there is a lot of work involved we will advise you immediately before work commences.

Foul Weather Clothing reproofing!

Why not try our new wash and reproofing service for your waterproofs. Call us now for a quote 02380 450430.

Special Class Association Winter Prices

Sigma 33 Elvstrom SailsOur Sigma 33 and 707 Class association special autumn and winter price lists are now available to all owners. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Click here for Winter Sigma 33 Prices

Click here for Winter 707 Class Prices

UK Loft

Elvstrøm Sails UK  heads up the UK operation for Elvstrøm Sails A/S in Denmark. From our Hamble base, Elvstrøm Sails UK sell and service the wide range of sails and accessories, and is supported by our growing network of UK Agents.

Our highly skilled team will be pleased to help you with any questions you might have regarding your sails, whether you have bought them direct from us, or if they have been supplied to you, for example with your new boat. As well as working direct with owners to ensure you have the right sail for your sailing plans, we supply brands such as Bavaria, Hallberg Rassy and Dragonfly.

We produce top quality sails for cruising through to Grand Prix level racing and take the time to understand your sailing requirements.

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  • Street: Unit 2 HYS, Port Hamble
  • Postcode: SO31 4NN
  • City: Southampton


  • Telephone: +44 (0)2380 450430
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.