Nations Trophy 2017

Swan 45 Class World Champion with Elvstrøm power

Luis Senis, with “Porron IX” and his brand new Elvstrøm sails became the new Swan 45 Class World Champion. Luis puts it this way: A three year hard team work in the class  in combination with the valuable support from Elvstrøm Sails developing probably the fastest Swan 45 sails helped... Show Details

Club Swan 50, NiRaMo

EPEX power for a cool one desing, cruiser-racer

The cool innovative Club Swan one design, NiRaMo owned and helmed by Sönke Meier Sawatzki is powered by Elvstrøm Sails. We were there during the training for Copa Del Rey in Palma and did a photo shooting. Cool yacht and cool crew with remarkable sailing careers.

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Copa Del Rey 2017

Spanish highlights

Provided by Axel Rodger from Elvstrøm Sails Spain. PS: this is the 19th time for Axel himself to take part in the Copa Del Rey! Swan 45 ¨Rats on Fire¨ ESP -9400 (behind Porron in photo) powered downwind by his brand new Elvstrøm sails S2 Spinnaker - won the ORC1 2017 2017 Copa del Rey.

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Contender Worlds 2017

Jesper Nielsen 3rd in the World!

The Contender World Champion 2017 was held in Sønderborg, Denmark. An impressive fleet of 105 Contenders from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland took part in the race. And at Elvstrøm Sails we have our "own" favourite, sail designer Jesper... Show Details

Rig and Sail optimization

using the latest generation FSI tools

Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) is a scientific simulation method to optimize the sail design and consequently the performance. The analysis is made in a comprehensive sail design solution. The methodology is very often applied to projects within the super yacht and grand prix racing... Show Details

Halfway in Transpac 2017

Cubaneren - Wasa 55

Norwegian crew, Danish Elvstrøm sails, Swedish Boat & Mast 
Cubaneren – Wasa 55

The Tranpac is one of the very big classic ocean regattas - Los Angeles to Hawaii -  that takes place every second year. The very first dates back to 1906. Show Details

Sailing is a passion

Jesper Bank shares his thoughts and dreams

It´s a passion!

We´ve looked around and asked some of our own:What is sailing to you? What triggers you, what drives you? See for yourself and SHARE, if you share the passion.


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Short-handed sailing challenges and tips

By William Friis-Møller

The challenge of short-handed or even single-handed sailing

The first step in starting sailing short-handed is to decide for yourself that you are capable of managing the challenge. The decision is relative to your experience and the size and complexity of the yacht involved. For all... Show Details

Maior 2017

won by Team Sydbank

Maior Regatta 2017 in Kiel Germany was challenging with varying wind conditions. However, it was perfect sailing conditions most of the time with sun and 20 knots wind. The teams were fighting hard to hit their top performances, despite the fact that it is still early in the season.
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Ventoux Sailing Team - X 37

Ventoux ser tilbage på sommerens ORC-Worlds satsning

2016 har været et spændende år for skipper Niels Nørgaard Pedersen og hans 7. mands store besætning på X37’eren Ventoux fra Middelfart. Indtil nu er samarbejdet kulmineret med... Show Details