Sym Spinnaker

Sym Spinnaker

Spinnakers are offered in trioptimal cut.

Elvstrøm downwind sails are renowned for their stability and therefore speed and performance, allowing for the sail to be trimmed less frequently, and be much more forgiving. In racing terms this ease of use can be translated into straightline speed, and a tolerance to wind or directional changes - in the fast and lively boats of today, this becomes a very important factor in downwind speed.

The panel layout is an extremely important part of any downwind sail. As with upwind sails, the stresses and loads on the surface of the sail can be mapped out. The panels must be laid as carefully as possible to these stress lines, ensuring that changes in angles are kept to the minimum.

They are equipped with integrated reinforcements at clews and top, and are produced as S1, S3, S5, and S2, & S4 to cover the complete wind spectrum.

Available in Contender.

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