Asym Spinnaker

Asym Spinnaker

A fusion between technology developed in the short handed round-the-world events and the best of race winning asymmetric sail design. This allows you to sail downwind from 80 degrees down to around 170 degrees with no need for a pole.

A design that is full of performance and yet easy to trim and easy on the boat.

Asymmetric spinakers have given a great deal of fun and speed to all sorts of boats. They heel the boat less, and are more efficient, especially at tighter wind angles. Gybing is easier, and although the boat slows a little more than with a spinnaker gybe, it can be done with less crew.

Early examples of asymmetrics were difficult to trim and could be a little unstable, this has been eliminated on all Elvstrøm asymmetrics.

On many courses the gennaker is just as effective as a traditional spinnaker, and on open courses it gives you much more speed than a genoa.

It handles like a genoa – and heavy spinnaker poles are not necessary.

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