Protect your sail with a cover during the season.

Boom Cover

For your mainsail.



For your non-furling mainsail.

The Zippack System replaces your traditional mainsail cover. Lazy jacks lead the sail into the Zippack bag and all you have to do is zip it up.



For your furling headsail.

A FurlCover protects your sail from damage due to UV light, dirt and rain extending the lifetime of your headsail. The Elvstrøm FurlCover is easy to use, even on your own.



For your non-furling spinnaker

A SpiSock enables you to easily set and strike your spinnaker especially useful when sailing shorthanded. The up-and downhaul lines are fitted to the funnel and the bag is in a manner that prevents them from being caught up in the mast or rigging during operation.

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