Tri-Radial Mainsail Special Offer

Try a radial! Don't miss this fantastic deal!

Elvstrom Radial laminate MainsailThinking of new sails?  We've made buying a new cruising main EASY!

These double taffeta radial performance laminate mainsails can be supplied to you for the same price as Dacron main sail!
Incredible value - equivalent to 25% off list price
There's still time to place your orders.

Open to all yachts up to 40'

No more thinking to do - simply call 02380 450430

Enhance your inshore cruising

Take advantage of this amazing offer.
    •    The laminate has 25% less stretch than Dacron
    •    Less stretch means flatter sails - which means less heeling
    •    Less heeling means more comfort, easier boat handling and better performance!
    •    It's lighter than Dacron
    •    Double taffeta laminate - stronger and more stable
    •    High quality sail engineering
    •    Elvstrom's hallmark detailing
    •    Includes X-Ply threads for increased load bearing
Create your own win win situation!
Call us on 02380 450430