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Team Gertrud splits up

Lena Having, one of the leading persons from Team Gertrud, is leaving the crew


One of the spokes(wo)men from the succesfull IMX40 Team Gertrud is no longer in the crewlist. Lena Having has left the crew due to internal discrepancy about the course of the team. And not only is Team Gertrud waving goodbye to Lena and her outstanding sailing skills, a good handfull of the Gertrud crewmembers are joining her on her way out.

The IMX 40 Team Gertrud made a fantastic entry at the ORCi stage this season peaking with a Silver medal at the ORCi European Championship in August. 
Lena Having and the former Team Gertrud members will now focus on their new project, a Farr 30, and the challenge will be making a fine result at the worlds in Båstad in Sweden in August.