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Ulrikkeholm wins X 35 Worlds

Danish Morten Ulrikkeholm is the new X 35 World Champion

Photo: Per Heegaard

Danish Morten Ulrikkeholm from Kerteminde yesterday finished another extraordinary fine week by winning the X 35 World Championship on the waters off Aarhus.

Last week he managed to win the Big Boat Race in Aarhus making no mistakes at all and taking an impressive six wins in a row. So the timing is perfect for Ulrikkeholm and his Team Oxygen. For two years they have trained for and aimed at peaking right now at the Worlds. And what a success! With a series on the last day of one first, one sixth and one eight Team Oxygen defeated the tripple World Champion Alessandro Solerio who did not have the right weapon to fight back. Alessandro Solerio took an overall second.

29 boats from nine different nations participated.