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Gertrud ORCi EC runner-up

Swedish IMX 40 Gertrud, powered by EPEX, Sailed home the Silver at the ORCi EC


Extract from Pressrelease from the Organizers of the ORCi EC:

On the basis of not only great boatspeed but excellent crew work throughout the week, Peter Schmidt and his German team on his Evento 42 Silva Hispaniola have dominated Division 1 and with a 9.5-point margin have claimed the 2011 ORCi European championship crown. The German team never had a finish worse than 4th in the entire 8-race series, and never worse than 3rd in the six inshore races.

But had there been a final inshore race scored today, allowing a discard to the scores, the outcome could have been much different. Runner-up Peter Ortendahl’s IMX 40 Gertrud would have dropped their 12-point DSQ in Race 3, and trading that for a better result may have been able to close the gap with the larger Silva and given the Swedish team gold rather than silver medals.

Gertrud is powered by EPEX from Elvstrøm Sails