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Red Crown is Popular in Germany

German Sailors wants the Red Crown

In an investigation made by the German sailing magazine Yacht the readers were asked what sailmaker brand they think is the best.

The answer is a result of asking the same question in three different years 2007, 2009 and 2010. Among the 4000 readers 37 percent thinks Elvstørm Sails is the best brand. 38 percent gave thumbs up for North Sails but at Elvstrøm Sails we pay attention to the fact that, according to the investigation, the figures are increasing for Elvstrøm Sails while they are decreasing for North Sails.

For the years 07, 09 og 2010 the figures for Elvstrøm Sails are respectively 36,36 and 37 while they for North Sails are 44, 43 and 38.

We believe that the tiny increase for Elvstrøm Sails and the more significant decrease in popularity for North Sails among the Yacht readers in 2010 among other factors is a result of our massive effort over the last year in the German market.

Last year we established two new sailpoints in Münster and Bremen and this year we added Elvstrøm Sails Chiemsee to the list of German sailpoints. The result in Yacht might be the readers response to our recent activities in Germany and we are looking forward to read the answers when Yacht next time asks their readers oft heir favorite sailmaker.

German sailors wants a red crown in their sails.
Foto: Dietmar Kopf