Racing News

Round Funen in 11 Hours

On Sunday the new Danish multihull "Carbon3" raced around the island of Funen in 11 hours and 14 minutes

This testsailing is absolutely aproved, says Jonas Petersen, one of the three founders of the trimaran Carbon3 from Faaborg.

He explains that the team sailed clockwise round the island, whhich is northwest to go through the Lillebaelt-sound before heading east towards Fyns Hoved. The team met difficult conditions with both harsh showers, light wind, countercurrents and headwind as well as guts with heavy wind. Quite ideal for boat testing, and the trip revealed that there are still room for improvements.

Lots of Power

It's still a brand new boat to us and we are still developing it. We have only been in the water for 14 days so even though it's a most powrefull boat we still need to find out how to get the full effort of its powerpotential, says Jonas Petersen.

The current record for sailing round Funen is 10 hours and 7 minutes made by another multihull, Extreme Challenge.

The crew on Sunday was Jonas Petersen, Jesper Bank from Elvstrøm Sails, the AC-sailor Morten Halkier, Søren Gitz-Johannesen and Jakob Frost.