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UV Protection

Sails are made entirely of synthetic hydrocarbon polymers, and suffer, like all other plastics, from "weathering". And since we use our products outside, then this weathering is a real and present problem - and it's getting worse, and quickly.

We take this challenge very seriously, and are constantly looking for ways to reduce the UV degradation of our sails. In partnership with our suppliers we have some of the best chemical UV inhibitors in all our sails, and EPEX carries the highest amount of these blockers as can be used.

We are constantly improving the UV resistance of our sails. But still it is a good idea to consider these helpful tips to prevent damages.

Always use covers when mooring

We developed a range of products which are very comfortable to handle, i.e. Furlcover, ZipPack.

Furling headsails are usually equipped with UV-Protection

Make sure you furl your sail right. The UV cover has to be on the outside.

Take down your sails to avoid UV impact

Boiling heat and flapping sails are harmful for sails - and the sailor’s mind.