A fusion between technology developed in the short handed round-the-world events and the best of race winning asymmetric sail design. This allows you to sail downwind from 110 degrees down to around 170 degrees with no need for a pole.

A design that is full of performance and yet easy to trim and easy on the boat.

You can choose to use the sail as it is, and deploy and retrieve it in the conventional manner.

Or you can use an Elvstrøm SpiSok which douses the sail in seconds, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that you remain in control.

Or use the highly developed solution for the needs of those regularly cruising short handed - the Strømer Furling System. The furler rolls the sail away in a unique manner, rolling the middle of the luff away first, then progressively the rest of the sail. Very quick and safe - the rolling away can be done from behind the mast, and the furled sail dropped when it is suitable.

Whichever way you wish to use this sail, it is probably the best Gennaker ever.