100% and still overleaping!

At Elvstrøm Sails we realized that with the popularity and convenience of jib-rigged boats came a problem. On such boats when racing, the jibs have battens to ensure that the leech of the jib overlaps the main as much as possible - but without battens the leech has to be cut with a hollow, and this overlap does not exist. With swept-back spreaders this „overlap" should be possible.

This is not at all about area - its the MOST important part of the jib, and its missing. It is an aerodynamic disaster.

Vertical battens make a larger and better shaped wing

Using leech battens being orientated to be parallel to the forestay („vertical") allows the sail to furl well. And makes a sail which is a little larger, and most importantly, a much better shaped aerodynamic „wing."

We achieve this by using „vertical" battens with GRP vinyl ester tapered profile, which allows the battens to be rolled without being distorted or twisted. This also keeps the bulk of the battens as small as possible.