Roller reefing mainsails in optimal shape with maximum sail area

Elvstrøm Mainsail System with maximum leech curve. EMS Max is a further development of the curved surface EMS sail. This sail is available only in laminate cloth and EPEX.

A high-end roller furling mainsail for spoilt sailors.

The continuous vertical carbon top sail battens provide optimal support for the leech, whether the sail is fully deployed or reefed. The short intermediate battens have the same function.When reefing, the optimal profile is maintained by the battens.

Elvstrom Sails pioneered the huge development of mainsails that perform well with In-Mast furling systems.

The original EMS was further developed and the EMS Max was born.

Using extra leech battens (which do not increase the roll size in the mast in the critical foot area) allows for even more area to be added. This makes a sail which if a little larger, and most importantly, a much better shaped aerodynamic „wing."

These sails, especially if made in EPEX, add a level of performance equal to that from a conventional mainsail.

We achieve this by using long vertical battens with a round profile, which allows the battens to be rolled into the mast without being distorted or twisted. This also keeps the bulk of the battens in the mast as small as possible, but with the maximum stiffness. The upper (leech) part of these battens is constructed in carbon for extra stiffness. The „extra" short battens are tapered GRP and also add considerable stiffness, allowing the roach (leech curve) to be the optimal shape.

The round profile of the battens allows the sail to roll in and out without any hard edges to catch on the entry to the mast chamber.

The battens are jointed to make at easy as possible to get the battens into the sails, and to be stored when the boat is ashore.

The bottom end of the batten has an in-built adjuster, as well as an adjuster on the batten pocket. The joints and adjuster are in marine grade stainless steel, to a design unique to Elvstrom Sails.