Our Mission

We feel at home on all waters of the world. We know of wind and weather. The seas and oceans of this world hold no secrets for us.

That's why we know that there is an ideal sail for every sailor, every sailboat, every yacht and every wind.

Our mission is to make just that sail for you.

To be able to do so, we develop new technologies, create modern materials and employ the world's best sail designers. And this is essential for us to be sure that we truly share our sailing passion with you.

Finding the ideal sail is not easy. Elvstrøm Sails helps you review and define the requirements your sails need to satisfy.

Elvstrøm Sails are individually tailored, so that no two are alike.

Literally thousands of variations are possible starting from a host of materials, sailmaking techniques and sail designs. The sail you want is definitely among them.

That is why at Elvstrøm Sails you will not find product lines, type designations or classifications.

We build your sail according to your specifications.