Triple E

The latest innovation in sailmaking technology!

Together with Dimension Polyant Elvstrøm Sails has developed a membrane with unprecedented properties. By adding a specific substance, a reflective surface is achieved. As a result, UV radiation is almost completely reflected and thereby protecting the underlying yarns. The surface is specially coated, so the absorption of water is eliminated. All in all the membrane got thinner and lighter.

E3 – high performance with stunning looks!

1. UV-Protection:
E3 reflects about 90% of the harmful UV-Radiation, so it does not even reach the yarns within.

2. No water absoption:
The surface of E3 foils is extremley smooth, so water-drops hardly stick to the sail. This reduces the carried weight.

The additional particles within the foil give the laminate a greater stability, especially in gusty conditions. The result are considerably less needs for trimm changes.

e3 graphic 440x600


e3 240x240

e3 sail 240x240