A new unique solution

Integrated Batten Pockets

For the exclusive cruiser

Elvstrøm Sails has introduced a brand new solution for furling sails. Integrated batten pockets that enhances the beauty of the sail and leaves you with a flawless and symmetrical sail profile - adding up to the perfect sailing experience. Only... Continue Reading

New Product: Blue Water Runner

Downwind off-shore surfing
- with a thrill

The Blue Water Runner is a symmetric twin furling sail which is easy to furl away from the safety of the cockpit. Large sail - large fun. But easy to control day and night, if the going gets tough. Hoist the twin running sails in front... Continue Reading

New 2017


Launch of a new all black EPEX GPR racing sails at the coming Boat Shows.

New for the racing yacht market at the coming boat shows is our EPEX GPR (Grand Prix Racing) a striking, lightweight, black laminate sail fabric. 

As well as looking stunning, EPEX GPR is designed... Continue Reading

New 2016: EPEX GLP

For clubracing and high performance cruising

Stand out with our new EPEX GLP membrane

With our new EPEX GLP membrane you will stand out from the crowd. Proven and tested development has led to EPEX GLP - a combination of our unique technology and a new sailcloth material, Lite Skin.

The EPEX GLP is a membrane with... Show Details

JoKi, a Danish Amateur Racing Team

Headed by John and Kim (alias: JOKI) the team consists of 16 top enganged amateur sailors, 10 when off sailing. With the newly designed and built Italian Sly 43 the goal is clear. A top ranking at the ORC Worlds in 2016.

Kim explains: ”Vi teamed up with Cantiere del Pardo, who builds the Sly boats and the boat designer Marco Lostuzzi. Elvstrøm Sails was invited in the process at a very early stage in the design phase where we used the knowlegde of Jesper Bank and  saildesigner Chris Keene... Show Details

Back in the old days sails were white

Looking for something cooler?

Back in the old days, sails were white! And just that. A lot of sails still are of course. But if you are looking for something a bit cooler, look for our new EPEX sail in the exclusive taffeta in Cool Grey. It comes in two qualities in terms of thickness, available in combinations with a... Show Details