Oyster 545

Fully Elvstrøm Sails equipped

Check out this Oyster Yacht 545 with a full wardrobe of EPEX sails. Nice photos from a customer to Elvstrøm Sails Benelux. And the yacht has already done 2 Transatlantics, sailed the Caribbean  and the whole Mediterranean with these nice sails.


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Cruising with charisma


Eight years ago Silke Löffler-Andrews from Eckernförde, Germany bought CARISSIMA, a SWAN-38, built in 1976. „The yacht is a beauty, it was love at first sight“, Silke tells.

But first at all there was a lot of refit work to do. „One of our first investments... Show Details

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Choosing new sails for your sailboat can be a triggy process. Make sure you get the right sails for the right boat.

What material should you choose, what shape and what look do you want. Do not let the price alone choose for you.

In this video you can see how Niels Birkemose has described some of the challenges when choosing a new sail for... Show Details