FatFurl Jib

FatFurl Jib


FatFurl Jib is a trendsetting design in furling jibs.

The FatFurl is specially designed with optimum shape and maximum sail area for all modern High-Performance-Cruisers. The continuous vertical carbon top sail battens provide optimal support for the leech, whether the sail is fully deployed or reefed. The short battens have the same function.

With this trendsetting design; FATFURL Main and the FATFURL Jib (also self tacking) the concept of Furling Sails has been further developed. The results are furling sails with sailing characteristics of a fully battened performance sail.

The FATFURL is specially designed for all modern High-Performance-Cruisers. The optimal profile when reefing is obtained by the battens.

Available in EPEX.

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