The optimum cruising sail with the effect of a spinnaker but all the handling properties of a genoa

Asymmetric spinnakers also known as gennakers are the ideal lightweight sails for cruising boats of all sizes.They heel the boat less, and are more efficient, especially at tighter wind angles. Gybing is easier, and although the boat slows a little more than with a spinnaker gybe, it can be done with less crew.

On many courses the gennaker is just as effective as a traditional spinnaker, and on open courses it gives you much more speed than a genoa.

It handles like a genoa – and heavy spinnaker poles are not necessary.


- a Paul Elvstrøm Favourite

The FurlStrøm is a great cruising sail with the performance of a gennaker and the handling of a genoa. Characterized by a flat cut and straight luff for better pointing and with a complete furling system for easy handling. The FurlStrøm does not need a heavy spinnaker pole. It comes complete with a high quality furling system. To stow the sail, simply roll it.

FurlStrøm XL

The FurlStrøm XL is a further development of the FurlStrøm. We have combined the perfect cruising FurlStrøm with a modern top-down furling system giving a much broader wind angle.
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