Downwind Sails

Choosing the right downwind sail can be crucial in many situations. Our specific products are highlighted in the menu to the left.

Sail Selection

The illustration is meant to guide you the best match, the numbers referring to our sails. As the illustration demonstrates the wind angle and the wind speed are important parameters. Be inspired by these and contact us to find the sail you need.

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Elvstrøm Sails Furlstrøm

  • TWA: 70-140°
  • TWS: 5-25 kn

Elvstrøm Sails Furlstrøm XL

  • TWA: 130-165°
  • TWS: 10-24

Elvstrøm Sails Gennaker

  • TWA: 130-165°
  • TWS: 4-24

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