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At Elvstrøm Sails, we are committed to pursuing your dream when it comes to cruising. Our qualified team of experienced sailors and sail designers are here for you. From the very first contact, we strive to give you the best advice specifically for your sailing. Nobody else's.

Thrill / cosiness / relaxation / fun ... well it´s up to you!

We find a solution to fit your needs

Your needs define the sail we recommend. If you’re on a coastal cruise your sails must endure all types of weather conditions. Strength and durability of the sails is crucial and thus the sail is tailor-made with extra accessories and increased trimming options compared to the sails we recommend for the sailor who primarily goes day sailing. If you’re sailing off-shore or on a long distance cruise, maybe even cross-Atlantic or around the world we design your sail with extra attention to the details, e.g. larger and stronger reinforcements, webbing in all rings, stainless rings on all sails, specially designed slides in the mainsail, extra stitching all over, wider seams, extra leech reinforcement, and robust UV-resistant thread.

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